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HXFQ-500ML-1350 Computer Automatic High Speed Cutting Machine
    Publish time 2014-09-01 17:05    

 Computer Automatic High Speed Cutting Machine

HXFQ-500ML-1350 Computer Automatic High Speed Cutting Machine


Main features:
1. The entire machine is centrally controlled by a PLC (two vector motor) and operated using a touch screen human-machine interface.
2. The unwinding adopts an imported magnetic powder brake, which is automatically calculated by PLC to achieve constant unwinding tension control.
3. The traction drive adopts a vector variable frequency motor to achieve constant linear speed control.
4. The winding transmission adopts a vector variable frequency motor to drive the upper and lower magnetic powder clutches, and the PLC automatically calculates the coil diameter to achieve winding tension taper control.
5. The unwinding adopts a shaftless cylinder top sleeve device, which is clamped and positioned left and right by the cylinder pair. The feeding adopts hydraulic automatic feeding swing arm type
6. The system has preset meter counting, roll diameter calculation, and other cutting functions.
7. Equipped with an EPC correction device, it can accurately control the end face accuracy.
8. This machine is a slitting machine for composite film, monomer film, aluminum foil, paper and other common packaging materials.

Product parameters:

model HXFQ-500ML-1350
Maximum width of slitting coil material 1350mm
Maximum diameter of slitting coil material Φ700mm
Cutting coil width 30-1350mm
Slitting Speed 5-500m/min
Deviation correction error <±0.5mm
total power 11kw
Overall weight 3200kg
Overall dimensions 2200x2800x1450mm