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GF600-1100B energy-saving medium speed dry composite machine
    Publish time 2014-09-01 17:06    

energy-saving medium speed dry composite machine

GF600-1100B energy-saving medium speed dry composite machine

1. Purpose: This machine is suitable for BOPP, PET, CPP, PCVD, aluminum plated film, aluminum thin and other composite films with the same properties, paper, etc. The mechanical speed is 140 meters/minute.
2. Main transmission structure: the main transmission adopts AC frequency conversion vector control, hot drum and glue Anilox, and the anilox speed can be adjusted.
3. Material discharge structure: The first and second groups of materials are equipped with photoelectric edge correction dual discharge devices, and the unwinding is controlled by manual tension. The composite film discharge is controlled by photoelectric edge correction magnetic powder tension.
4. Glue coating mechanism: the Anilox scrapes the amount of glue through a scraper. The thickness of glue can be adjusted at will. The rubber roll uses double air cylinders to boost the pressure. The pressure can be adjusted at will. It is equipped with a stop gluing device to automatically lift.
5. Mechanism inside the drying tunnel: The temperature of the four sections of the drying tunnel can only be controlled by a temperature controller
This machine is suitable for multiple laminations of two layers of roll film materials, such as BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, aluminum foil, paper, etc., to produce high-quality packaging materials with high strength, high freshness, and cooking resistance.

Product parameters:





Effective composite width600mm800mm1000mm
Maximum width of substrate620mm820mm1020mm
Composite maximum speed100m/min110m/min110m/min
Mechanical maximum speed125m/min140m/min140m/min
Maximum diameter of winding and unwindingф600mmф600mmф600mm
Inner diameter of substrate coreф76mmф76mmф76mm
Oven length7500mm7500mm7500mm
Heating power of the oven23.4kw31.2kw39kw
Total Power39.5kw48.8kw58.5kw
machine weight7000kg8000kg9000kg
Overall dimensionsL9000×W2100×H3000mmL9000×W2300×H3000mmL9000×W2500×H3000mm